CattleQuants now offers full-service feedlot inspections and reports

Drone cattle counting for pastures and feedyards
In addition to counting cattle on feedyards, we also verify cattle lot numbers and measure stockpile volumes.

Feedyard Inventory Reports

Our drones acquire photos of every single pen, and our AI models automatically count the cattle in each pen. You can now get a snapshot and headcount of every single pen--regardless of feedyard size--all in one day.

Cattle Lot Number Matching

Need to verify cattle presence down to the lot number? CattleQuants now uses drones with an optical zoom camera to read ear tags from the sky.

Stockpile Volume and Tonnage

Our drones acquire photos of the stockpile from multiple angles, and we create a highly precise digital elevation model of the entire stockpile from which volume and tonnage can be easily calculated.

For more information or to schedule a trial, email or call 216-414-4588.

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