Drone-Based Livestock Inspections are a Win-Win

Livestock inspections are now being performed remotely–and not just due to COVID-19. Until recently, livestock appraisers would visit feedlots and ranches to perform their appraisals, which involves visual assessment to estimate cattle inventories.  At large feedlots where an exhaustive appraisal is next to impossible without unlimited time, only a fraction of feedlot pens would be sampled for inspection.  All that changed when the pandemic hit and many lenders deferred their … Read more

Half a Million Cows… and Counting!

We just finished counting our tenth feedyard.  We’ve counted more than 700,000 head of cattle to date … and we’re still counting, of course! This yard, located in the heart of Texas cattle country, had nearly 75,000 head of cattle.  It took us fewer than 24 hours to get an accurate count of the cattle in each pen. How did we do it? First an FAA-licensed drone pilot visited the … Read more