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Automated Cattle Counting via Drone

Get an exact count of your cattle without any manual labor!

We count cattle via drone and give you a transparent, shareable report with the exact numbers.

Cattle Counted To Date

How It Works

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1. Collect Images

We collect aerial images via drone…

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2. Process Images

…run them through our AI-powered counting software…

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3. Provide Report

…and give you a detailed inventory report by the next business day.*

*Contact us to verify that next business day turnaround is available for you.


  • Accuracy: Cattle counting accuracy as high as 99% or more on feedlots
  • Efficiency: Reduce manpower and time spent during routine audits
  • Transparency: Our inventory report is easy to read and easy to share
  • Speed: Same-day or next-day turnaround in most cases

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