Automated Cattle Counting

We count cattle on aerial images.

Our software–the engine behind the CattleQuantsTM service–can count cattle in all four seasons, even after flood or snow.


How It Works

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1. Collect Images

We collect aerial images via drone…

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2. Process Images

…run them through our AI-powered counting software…

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3. Provide Report

…and give you a detailed inventory report by the next business day.*

*Contact us to verify that next business day turnaround is available for you.

Why Banks Love Our Services:

We provide a pdf report with photos of all feedlot pens and their totals by the next business day*.  This report is easy for any layperson to read and easy to share with colleagues and investors.

Why Feedlots Love Our Services:

We provide a pdf report with an accurate count of all the cattle in each pen that verifies the yardsheet numbers and highlights any discrepancies–without disrupting normal operations or disturbing the cattle.